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Sunday, 24 March 2013

[2.3.6][BCM21553] HydroPeria v1.0

HydroPeria v1.0 is a new class of custom rom for galaxy pocket and its designed and brought to all galaxy pocket users by HydroPeria Dev Team.Thanks to sir William villanueva of xda devoper for this awesome work.Check here for original post on xda

* Added Adrenaline and Universal Tweaks For More Fast And Reliable Speed Of Your Phone
* Added ScreenShot , Reboot , and Recovery options on Power Menu
* Deleted some false options on the rom like the bugged DOWNLOAD MODE OPTION
on Lidroid Restart options , and Power Menu Mod
*Modified the 6 Lockscreen Mod
* Added EDT Tweaks inside so you can manage your statusbar icons
* Added CarrierName.apk so you can rename your Provider name any name you want
* Added No frills CPu for those users who flashes Custom Kernels With different Cpu Speed
* Added Phone Schedules.apk so you can set the task you want to do in automatic way
* Added Swipe To Remove Notification mod
* Stock Samsung Music Player was
Replaced by Walkman Player for more Xperia aura
* And a whole lot more

Download link:
* Hydropedia v1.0

Installation Procedures:
* You can flash this on any firware version without problem
* Reflash your firware via odin
* Reset Factory Settings - This is
* After Media Scanning Completed , Go to RECOVERY MODE
* Then flash the Rom on it (Not cwm,but you can also flash on cwm)
* After Recovery Says, "Complete" , wipe data and cache ..
* Then Restart.

* Prasad Rulzz
* Jed Herce
* Mvsdroid
To Those People Who Did A Good Job
* M.H Mahadi - For theming Dialer and some Pngs
* To the creator of Adrenaline and Universal tweaks
* Lidroid - For toggles and Lockscreen\
* Partyush - for making one big and best guide for 6 lockscreen
* And To The People Who Willingly Wait For This



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