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Sunday, 24 March 2013

[2.3.6][BCM21553] Remix ROM V2

Some of you guys might have already used or heard of this rom but for those who have not seen this rom,am sharing it as it it a verry nice one.This ROM was originally created by Sohan Rawat for Galaxy Y,but ported to galaxy pocket by teztaz--v3 of Xda developers,so thanks to both buddies for their work
Features :
* Deodexed
* Zipalign
* Rooted
* BusyBox
* Bash Shell Support
* BusyBox run-parts suppor
* Full Support for Init.d scripts
* Superuser Access; Busybox Support.
Miscellaneous Features :
* Removed some bloatwares = more space
* Msg pop-up (v1 feature)
* System + user app installer
* new Beats Manager for awesome Music
* Smooth scrolling through disabled scrolling cache.
*Adrenaline + kuro tweaks + other tweaks (Droidwall,undervolt etc) = super fast engine
* Net buffer + netforks tweaks = High speed internet
* Original s3 sounds (ringtones etc) + fonts.
* Edt tweaks + battery bar tweaks = More customization
* No frills CPU + CPU SPY
* OTA support = Many more things yet to comes
* Place Remix v2 in the root of your Sdcard
* Reflash to stock ROM through odin .
* Reboot into Cwm recovery
* Wipe data and cache in cwm
* Mount system
* Format system
* Mount system
* Go to"install zip from SD"
* Select "choose zip from SDcard"
* Navigate through the folder where you have saved Remix v2
* Select Remix v2 and flash it,then wait till it finishes.
* Wipe data and cache again in cwm
* Reboot system and you are ok.(Takes about 3minutes to bpot after flashing rom so be patient.)
Credits goes out to the following guys for their good Job on this rom
* evanlocked
* lidroid
* b16h22
* Theawesomeguy4
* revanescence
* CoD.
* ImbaWind
* Kuro
* Droidfolks
* geva28
* abhi922
Miscellaneous Credits & Thanks:
* Suresh9488 for solving firstcall bug.
* Andynroid for Apollo music11
*Sathish.p for helping other members and solving bugs
*Sunitcek for for new awsome screen shots .
Credits For Ported to Galaxy Pocket:
* Sohan Rawat
* Mac Moon
* Reck Agtarap
For more information about this rom you can check out the original thread on xda here,and before i forget there lots of themes and wallpaper for this rom,So i suggest you check out the thread on xda for more



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