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Friday, 31 March 2017

[6.0.1][MTK6592] AOSP OMS R74

/* Smoothness of Stock ROM with greatness of SubstratumThemes */

> What is AOSP?

AOSP is Android as Google publish without other modifications. More or less AOSP is the Nexus devices stock rom without gapps.

Anyway to get a working system I added some changes from CodeAurora Forum and CyanogenMod. I added also non-AOSP features for a better user experience ("Clear All" button in Recents) and I'm NOT going to add something other.

> What is OMS?

OMS (Overlay Manager Service) which was designed by Sony and its modded by our developers to include it into AOSP ROMs.In short,OMS is a Theme Engine replacement and it can do wonders!

> What's working ?

> WiFi

> Weird sounds after flashing gapps fixed

> Phone FC fixed (still present on fire855's latest cm)

> New FM app

> Camera + Video Reacording Working Perfectly

> No Need to reboot for apps to apear in app drawer

> Hotspot Fixed

> BT Fixed

> FM fixed

> GPS fixed

> Data working

> 1080p playback in gallery fixed

> youtube 720p fixed

> youtube live playback fixed

> Gello browser added

> No Sim fixed

> No Network drop found

> USSD Fixed

> Autorotation Fixed

> All sensors working

> After Reboot QuickSetiings Too

> Rest Are As CM13

> Too many features

> Changelog :-

> camera fixed completely

> no more cam fc after few clicks

> inverted video rec issue fixed

> New FM app added and fixed

> ril and ussd fixe

> substratum working

> fire855's stability patches merged

> manually updated to r66

> Changelog :- (19/11/2016)

> Upstreamed to r74

> Nov 2016 Security Patch Level

> Fixed Carrier Name instead of Number

> Improved Performance

> Added Stock Power Profiles

> Improved Battery Backup

> Added Ambient Display by Default ( check last screenrecord )

> Fixed Xposed in release 74 (r74 contains whitelisting which causes bootloop if any extra app is added which is not mentioned in white list)

> Fixed all UI lags

> Added MultiUser UI

> Fixed Substratum not working properly on some devices due to not getting enough permissions

> Bugs :-

VPN (use psiphone's browser only mod)

2G/3G Switch

ROM Link:


>Workaround :-

1. To get Paid Substratum apps for Free :- Follow Instructions From Here (100% working)

2. Green Screen on Twitch,Netflix or Snapchat Video :-

> Delete This Line from Build.prop and reboot.



(Note :- It'll Broke 1080p Video Playback on Gallery.)

> Credits

Tirth Patel (Built from Source and fixed all bugs)





Alberto97 (for his works on F-AOSP lollipop)





Knight Owls Porting Assasins

Ronnie Gonzales X170 Porter



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