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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

[6.0.1][MTK6592] Resurrection Remix 5.7.4 R79

The Changelog

  • Android 6.0.1_r61->r66->r70>r79
  • SysUI: Don't set panel bar to null and avoid NPEs
  • connectivity-service: fix/improve unique hostname
  • Ensure DHCP requests have nonempty hostnames
  • Bluetooth: Fix broadcast receiver leak issue
  • QsPanel: RR logo Styles
  • Framework: Fix for file delete on settings not reflecting in MTP host
  • Framework: Do not turn off voice interaction when close system dialog…
  • SystemUI: Don't pad when config_showScreenOnLockScreenHints is false
  • Themes: Give power dialogs own set of volume icons for themes
  • Prevent invocation of startNavigating() when GPS is off
  • Fix lockscreen charging current switch to show max current
  • SysUI:Fix oversized kill task icon
  • services: core: use proper tags when logging
  • QsTiles: Configurable Themes tile components to apply
  • Show/hide zen icon in statusbar
  • Revert "Fix slow anim when using a gesture to open status bar pulldown"
  • Applied workaround for MultiSelectListPreference bug
  • Ensure packages on adopted media do not move when updated
  • Apps on adopted storage should stay there during update
  • CellularTile: If Switch is Enabled, Make Longpress Enter Data Settings
  • Data tile behavior: make it customizable by the user
  • Settings: Fix possible NPE
  • Settings: Notification light: Fix for app customization
  • DevelopmentSettings: Add an opt-out for recovery updater
  • Don't crash while entering in DevelopmentSettings
  • Fix AIOOBE with root access disabled
  • libcameraservice: Don't pass NULL args on setCallbacks call
  • Translation Updates
  • All updates from CM

Fixes and Add-on
  • Manually Updated to r70 - MOB31H (5 OCT Patch level)
  • Added Gello
  • New FM app
  • Added YGPS
  • GPS is more stable
  • Offine Charging Animation Fixed
  • Network is more Stable (Data too)

Fixes and Add-on

  • Upstreamed to r79 (MOB31T)
  • FEB 2017 Security Patch
  • Improved Battery Backup

What's working ?
  • Camera + Video Reacording Working Perfectly
  • Fire855's Latest patches Merged
  • More Stability
  • No Need to reboot for apps to apear in app drawer
  • Hotspot Fixed
  • BT Fixed
  • FM fixed
  • GPS fixed
  • Data working
  • 1080p playback in gallery fixed
  • youtube 720p fixed
  • youtube live playback fixed
  • Gello browser added
  • No Sim fixed
  • No Network drop found
  • USSD Fixed
  • Autorotation Fixed
  • All sensors working
  • After Reboot QuickSetiings Too
  • Rest Are As CM13
  • Too many features

  • VPN
  • 2G/3G Switch

Download: X170

Flashing Guide:
  • Reboot to Recovery
  • Wipe Data Dalvik Cache
  • Install Rom
  • Install G.apps
  • Install Supersu
  • Install Cm.Dap
  • Install BootLogo
  • Reboot Enjoy

1). Green Screen on Twitch,Netflix Video :-

> Delete This Line from Build.prop and reboot.

(Note :- It'll Broke 1080p Video Playback on Gallery.)

2). Root Access :-

> Go to developer options and enable root access to apps & adb.

3). To Get VPN Working :-

NO As Tunnling Whole Device Is Not working !

[THANKS TO A @nervehammerFOR THIS]

Use VPN for wifi
1. Download psiphon from playstore and open it, choose Browser-Only mode don't tunnel whole device.
2. Go to its logs tab and check the port of http proxy.
3. Now open WiFi setting and long press to your WiFi network (from which u are connected) go to modify tab and from check the advanced options.
4. Chosen manual proxy option and put host name as and port as the no. which you noted in step 2 (eg. 8080) and click save .

For Cellular Data-
1. Download psiphon from playstore and open it, choose Browser-Only mode don't tunnel whole device.
2. Go to its logs tab and check the port of http proxy.
3. Now open Setting>Sim cards>Sim 1/Sim 2 settings/Access Points Names and click on Connected APN
4.In Proxy put and port as the no. which you noted in step 2 (eg. 8080) and click save .

Enjoy you have set up a VPN connection successfully.
You can open your browser and check your IP
Note: You have to undo this after you don't need VPN by changing manual proxy to none .

  • Tirth Patel (Built from Source)
  • Fire855
  • Cyanogenmod
  • Ferhung
  • Knight Owls Porting Assassins
  • Ronnie Gonzales X170 Porter
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  1. I intend to test Android 6 on Alcatel pixi 3 3.5 to fix CM12.1 storage issue with SD I would prefer to replace my stock with CM11 kitkat




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