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Sunday, 16 April 2017

[GUIDE] Fixing Bugs for Porting SC6820/SC8810 ROMs

This is a tips how do you know how to port a custom rom and the bugs of a custom rom you can solve it using this guide
Note: I'm not responsible for any damages will be held! Do at your own risk
This guide is for SC6820/SC8810

Bug on stuck in boot
How to fix? replace this in lib folder
  • /system/lib/libandroid_runtime.so
  • /system/lib/libandroid_servers.so
Bug in wifi not working
Go in system/lib/modules/ replace this files

  • system/lib/modules/libhardware_legacy.so 
  • system/lib/modules/8723as.ko
  • system/lib/modules/unifi_sdio.ko

If you are confused what is your wifi driver then do these steps
open libhardware_legacy.so in notepad++ & search for /system/lib/modules/ the name(*****.ko) you will find after that is your wifi driver.
  • /system/lib/libeng_wifi_ptest.so
  • /system/bin/wpa_supplicant
  • /system/bin/synergy_wifi_attach
  • /system/bin/synergy_service
  • /system/bin/netd
  • /system/bin/eng_setbtwifiaddr
  • /system/bin/engmodemclient
  • /system/bin/engservice
  • /system/bin/engtest
  • /system/etc/dhcpcd
  • /system/etc/wifi (folder)
  • /system/etc/firmware (folder)

Bug in bluethooth not working?
copy and replace the following files
  • /system/lib/libhardware_legacy.so
  • /system/lib/libbluedroid.so 
  • /system/lib/libbluetoothd.so
  • /system/lib/libbluetooth.so
  • /system/lib/from binaries
  • /system/bin/bluetoothd
  • /system/bin/synergy_service
  • /system/bin/netd
  • /system/bin/eng_setbtwifiaddr
  • /system/bin/ engmodemclient
  • /system/bin/engservice
  • /system/bin/engtest
in folder
  • /system/etc/ bluetooth (folder)
  • /system/etc/ firmware (folder)

Headset not working
  • /system/lib/modules/headset.ko

Sensors not working
  • /system/lib/libsensorservice.so
  • /system/lib/hwsensors.sprdbp.so 
  • system/etc/permissions/android.hardware.sensor.proximity.xml

GPU related problems
  • /system/lib/egl
  • /system/lib/modulesmali.ko
  • /system/lib/hw/gralloc.mali.so

hardkeys or softkeys not working
replace the whole folder of usr

  • /system/usr ( folder)

Touch not working
replace folder of sps
  • /system/sps (folder)


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