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Friday, 19 May 2017

[4.4.2][MTK6592] MIUI8 7.4.27 China Developer

Updated this week
As the QX module and micro-X module updated in 2017.04.28, do not join the ROM in time, attached to the download link, you can manually update
QX module V1.6 http://dl-xda.xposed.info/…/com.fkzhang.qqxposed_v7_4bde5e.…
Micro x module V1.4 http://dl-xda.xposed.info/…/com.fkzhang.wechatxposed_v6_cd5…
New weather forecast for the next 2 hours minute rain forecast, timely forecast your current location of the weather conditions, travel arrangements early to know
Added network assistant support day card set
Optimize the QQ voice when the drop down notice card Caton problem
In the silent mode, the sound of the sound is still heard
Upgrade the custom MIUI plugin to support desktop icons & text size customization
Restore the desktop "negative one screen", can be set in the options closed
Remove duplicate options in the MIUI layout (desktop icon layout and bottom navigation bar)
As the QX module and micro-X module for a long time did not update, if your QQ & WeChat flash phenomenon or other Bug
Please turn off these two modules, or downgrade the QQ & micro letter to the old version to be compatible with the plugin
Historical update
New advanced boot menu
Re-add the WIFI password view function
Added QX module, support to prevent QQ withdrawal message, automatically receive red envelopes, control dice
New micro-X module, including WeChat message anti-withdrawal module, WeChat forwarding module, WeChat address book management module
Adjust the IOS status bar to display the left
Add IOS status bar layout switch, a key to switch the official status bar, IOS status bar, no complicated settings
Added notification bar background blurring function
Support for setting status bar icon visibility
Supports charging sound related settings
Added lock screen enhancement function, you can set the lock screen related functions
Support volume refinement, volume control panel related settings
Support Phone \ Contact Preferences
Added desktop adjustment function to support the desktop display function definition
Add status bar custom function, support status bar icon location , size, text size, notification bar background color adjustment
Add button to customize the function, support the custom menu key, Home button, return key click & double click function to modify
New Viper Sound V2.5.0.5, new UI and operating mode
New system streamlining, support for the ultimate streamlining, moderate streamlining, custom streamlining
Limit the simplification to delete more system APP, affecting the normal use of some functions
Moderate and streamlined only delete part of the service function, the basic function does not affect the normal use
Customize the streamlining to support the user to streamline and streamline the mobile phone to make it effective
Added QQ grab red envelope, WeChat grab red envelope
Optimize notification card for right angles (original rounded)
New window multi-task module (XP module), can achieve the application window
Added animation effects switching, support IOS effects, MIUI effects switch
IOS effects with the developer options in the fast animation zoom, the better
Added drop-down shortcut key layout switch: 3X3 layout, 3x4 layout
Advanced Settings -ROOT Permissions - Settings - Startup icon, select "Superman Andy / Chip / Supersu" to create desktop icon
Crack system restrictions, support the removal of system applications, not kami
Remove millet financial, millet wallet and other millet whole barrels
Optimize the screen assistant for MIUI style
Optimized DPI settings support custom, customizable size
Optimize All Xposed modules are transferred to the Data partition for user upgrades and uninstallation
Optimize the search box above the notification bar
Add theme to crack, charge the subject can be used free of charge, never recover
Add double click Home key lock screen (default is turned on and can be turned off in setup)
It is more convenient to add an advanced reboot to the system reboot option
Add Connected WIFI Password View feature
Add button assistant, the perfect replacement of the phone at the bottom of the button, but also for local screenshots
Add Dolby, Viper dual sound, all-round enhanced system sound
Add drop-down shortcut keys 4x6 layout, each row shows four buttons, more beautiful
Add text custom, can replace any text within the APP information
Add desktop lunar calendar, alarm clock, weather information display
Add QQ, WeChat message anti-withdrawal plug-in
Add blocking to run the plugin, completely stop App running in the background
Add a model camouflage plugin
Add program freeze function to freeze user applications and system applications
Add resolution switching function, support three kinds of resolution switch
(Note: resolution switching will force to modify the DPI, modify the resolution do not use the DPI switch function)
Add status bar switch: IOS status bar, IOS status bar + icon, the official default status bar
Add Status Bar Time Style Switch: Show Lunar / Week / Time
Add the bottom navigation bar switch, you can add a virtual button at the bottom of the phone
Add CPU settings to set the CPU operating mode, minimum frequency, maximum frequency
Add Layout Switch Function: Settings - Advanced Settings - MDUI Layout Switch


Gapps: opengapps.org ( arm/4.4/Pico)

Flashing Guide:
Reboot to recovery
Wipe Data Dalvik Cache
Factory Reset
Flash Rom
Flash G.apps
Flash Cloud G3 Keyboard
Flash Boot Logo
Flash Miui Launcher Fix
Flash SoundFx

Co-KOPA- Yow Bushkie
Knight Owls Porting Assassins
Ronnie Gonzales X170 Porter

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