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Friday, 19 May 2017

[4.4.2][MTK6592] MIUI8 7.5.6 CHINA DEVELOPER

ROM Introduction:
Xposed module-related functions, need to activate the xposed framework check the appropriate module, restart the use of advanced settings can choose IOS three-stage status bar, restart effective, patiently
DPI numerical customization, the smaller the number, the greater the field of view to join the holographic Dolby sound, sound pure and bright, perfect sound integrated part of the XP module, if a compatibility problem or not available, please delete
Based on the official MIUI8 7.5.6 development version of the new music add cloud synchronization feature new eye mode support sunrise sunset mode security center add millet red bag assistant to adjust the brush machine script, fix all FC
Upgrade Viper sound to V2.5.0.5 version optimization layout switching and other functions to remove the relevant Xposed does not support the module desktop new finishing update update reference to the official description of the desktop new weather lunar display function first boot recommended to restart a correction Bluetooth open connection problem fix Before the version of the software exception is missing the problem to amend the desktop icon to display the official function of the official reference to the official website
Miuitools under the new status bar to find the switch switch to take effect immediately to meet the needs of everyone to re-modify the subject crack code, more fully optimize the brush machine script to enhance the brushing speed
MIUI8 new experience, it is better to use this update to join the dual card 3G function, not the same time 3G
(Card 1 and card 2 can be switched between 3G)
Repair the millet fuel pack is not available for the first time, need to give root authority to streamline the useless official software, fresh and stable system to join the new license, support automatic root, without waiting to join the Busybox instruction set, advanced users may need to optimize mobile phone radio frequency, reduce mobile phone power consumption Optimize the memory used in larger RAM Use to optimize the Xposed related components that have been reasonably classified to increase the screen with a minimum brightness of 1 for the night
XX Xposed frame limit problem support frame installation and module activation and other functions perfect crack theme, restart and other operations do not rebound embedded to join Dolby sound, perfect sound quality to support a variety of scene sound, sound pure crack Xposed frame limit, support Install the use of cracked MIUI system restrictions, uninstall the software comes with no card to remove the system signature, you can better install third-party software to add personal self-compiled miui-toolsV4.0
Support status bar style switch (default official style)
* Support ios three-stage style
* Support official style switch support DPI value custom size, the smaller the number, the larger the field of vision for the first time, need to give Miuitools Root authority Do not set the value is too large or too small to prevent the boot can not support advanced power menu management
* Support fast boot function
* Support a key to restart to recovery
Release the SD card storage limit function
* Activate the xposed frame and check the module,
Try not to check the system application, so as not to bring trouble to join the status bar immersed, has been updated to the latest version
** Activate the xposed frame and check the module,
Join the ZTE screen assistant Lollipop style version
* Support on and off, long press will pop up the advanced power menu function to join the USB mount function
* Support to choose to mount MTP and other modes to join the call flash off the lights, the default open to join the Viper top sound, enhanced sound quality by adding double-click the status bar lock screen function to join the xposed framework function, you need to activate the status bar to double-click the lock screen, need to activate xposed Frame support battery information view, understand the power consumption details support application start rate tracking, application start at a glance.

G Apps:
Opengapps.org (Arm 4.4 Pico)
Flashing Guide:
  • Reboot To Recovery
  • Wipe Data
  • Dalvik Cache
  • Factory Reset
  • Flash Rom
  • Flash Gapps
  • Flash Launcher Fix
  • Flash Sound Fix
  • Reboot 
  • Enjoy
  • SisterAA
  • Co KOPA - Yow Buskie
  • Co KOPA - Aysus Wenceslao
  • Knight Owls Porting Assassins
  • Ronnie Gonzales x170 Porter
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